Writer, Director and Executive Producer

I am a filmmaker, born in Kaunas, Lithuania. As a child I had passion for films. I imagined all sorts of stories and dreamed of making them into movies. uBt back then I was too modest and did not believe that I could ever become a filmmaker. Later when I moved to Iceland with my parents, i met a filmmaker who encouraged me to make films, which I afterwards started to do. His name was Giil Taws and he is writing the screenplay for the film with me. At the age of 18, I got my internship into the Icelandic Film School and graduated less than 2 years later, before turning 20. There and since I have worked on dozens of projects, 7 of which I Directed. I was lucky enough to show most of my films in a big screening events. Most of my films got much attention online through the YOBIfilm contest and various other sites. When summed up my work has gotten little less than one million views worldwide. For example“The Curse of the House” my ghost horror short film. It scored 4th in the YobiFilm contest and got over 200.000 views worldwide. Throughout this time I gained lots of experience and knowledge about the art of filmmaking. Ruins will be my 8th movie and my first feature length film.


Giil Taws is a respected movie director from Brittany. He has produced, wrote and directed both full length documentaries and fiction films. His first movies "Lundi" (Monday) was handling the subject of drug addiction and was broadcasted on major TV stations in France while "Lóa" (shot in Iceland), his second movies, was dealing with dreams and had a sharp surrealistic edge. He collaborated with director of the photography Lubomir Backchev on those two movies. "The one who made it rain", his latest fiction work, was shot in Mongolia and produced in Iceland. It received an important international attention and marked the beginning of his collaboration with director of the photography Istvan Borbas. Simultaneously, he directed a full length documentary "Gathering with the Men of Síða" which describes the shepherding of thousands of sheep with icelandic farmers from South-Iceland.

Direction - production Writer Photographer

Co-Executive Producer

Born in Reykjavík, Iceland, to a mother from Normandy and an Icelandic father. Has worked on films and documentaries with people from various nationalities and in diverse locations such as Karakorum in Mongolia and Prypiat-Chernobyl in the Ukraine.


Making-of documentary

A North-born Icelander living in Reykjavík, but grew up in Mosfellsbær, a small town on the outskirts of the city. After having dabbled in poetry and writing during his early years and then getting through three years of History studies at the University of Iceland, the idea of becoming a filmmaker materialized. The Icelandic Film School took two years to finish, 2008-2010, and ended with four short films and one documentary in the director’s chair. Most of the films were shown at a big screening events. One of Jakob’s prouder moments was at the screening of the minute film Gamlar